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      Mullally Insurance Services, Inc. was established by Mary Jean Mullally in 1990.  Ms. Mullally is currently the President and major stockholder for MIS, Inc.

Mary Jean Mullally has over thirty years of experience in the insurance industry. Before forming MIS, she was an auditor, trainer, and claims examiner for several of the largest third-party administrators and insurance companies. The audits she conducts are unique because she has the experience to examine not only the financial aspect of the audit but the accuracy of the plan benefits.


  • Conducted a claims processing seminar for The Department of Insurance, Division of Rehabilitation, for the State of Florida.

  • Auditor for the Florida Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association from 1989 to the present.

  • Successfully assisted The Department of Insurance, (Division of Rehabilitation and Liquidation) in the transfer of the claims operation of an insolvent insurance company to the Third Party Administrator that was awarded the run off contract.  This also included interviewing for new personnel to assist the TPA with computer operations.

  • Performed an overview of the entire claims department for the Director of the Division of Rehabilitation and Liquidation of the State of Florida, which included observation of the operations and recommendations for future projects.

  • Contracts with large corporations in the Southeast to audit their self funded group health claims.

  • Advisor and auditor to Hillsborough County Community Health and Human Services.

  • Contracted to establish the Tampa office for the Third Party Administrator who was awarded the Hillsborough County Indigent Health Care Plan.

  • Conducted audits for the National Organization of Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Associations.

  • Provided projected analysis to judge for multiple employer trust, as well as negotiating claims to reduce total funding.

  • Conducted Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) comparison for clients who are reviewing proposals from TPA/Insurance companies to advise which firm provides the best discounts and qualifications.

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